The Gaonas light up the screen with their blazing charisma...You will love the circus spirit of this documentary.
Sydney Levine • Indiewire

Exhilarating…THE FLIGHT FANTASTIC is both a lively biography of the Mexican circus family and a primer on trapeze as both art form and joyous expression…While detailing the Flying Gaonas’ fame and influence, Moore emphasizes that they’re part of a continuum: trapeze performers who perfect their soaring artistry then teach earthbound enthusiasts how they, too, can take flight.
Serena Donadoni • Village Voice

“Magnetic...propelled by archival footage and vivid recollections, THE FLIGHT FANTASTIC moves engagingly from the early days to the spotlight years. Tito Gaona’s quest to become the first aerialist to execute a quadruple somersault in performance makes an especially compelling segment. And the family’s work in more recent years to pass along the art form is a nice coda.”
Neil Genzlinger • New York Times

“A big top dynasty gets its due…great fun.”
John Defore • The Hollywood Reporter

“Leave it to director Tom Moore to bring [The Flying Gaonas] vibrant legacy to life…In THE FLIGHT FANTASTIC, we find him at his most playful, interspersing the history of the Gaonas, with anecdotes about loving cinema and the power of art in healing.”
Jose Solis • Stage Buddy

“You'll be in for one hell of an airborne ride…Moore has assembled an enormous collection…of trapeze history, which turns out to be every bit as fascinating as the aerialists themselves.”
James Van Maanen • Trust Movies

“It may just be one of the artsiest sports or the sportiest forms of art which most of us take for granted. Yet, while seeing THE FLIGHT FANTATIC we are all reminded of what an incredible undertaking the art of trapeze really is…Chalk up your hands, climb the tall ladder, swing, break, leap, flip and let its passion catch you. You will not be disappointed.”
Tony Pinizzotto • Edge Media

The Flight Fantastic LA Premier
Bill Reichert • Circus Fans Association of America and Authors • October 1

Tom Moore’s The Flight Fantastic
SDC Journal (Stage Directors and Choreographers) • Summer 2015 issue

The Flight Fantastic
Bill Reichert/San Diego Review

“Enter Flying”
Barry Jay Kaplan/Yale School of Drama Annual 2015